Warning over Covid grant scam texts

Scammers send text messages claiming to be from the government to inform people that they have gained hundreds of pounds thanks to Covid-19.

But the text messages contain a link that will take you to a site where you will be asked to provide bank details and other personal information.

West Lancashire Council shared a warning tweet with a screenshot of a message that a person had received. It says, “COVID: The UK GOV has made a payment of £ 349.76 to all residents as part of its pledge to fight COVID-19.”

It then advises recipients to follow a link to apply for the fake scholarship, it reports The echo.

Guidance on it Website Burgers Advies is warning people to be vigilant as the coronavirus pandemic continues, with a number of scams circulating.

According to the citizens’ advice, you should pay particular attention to

  • advertising face masks or medical equipment at high prices
  • emails or text messages impersonating from the government
  • e-mails with life insurance against the coronavirus
  • people are knocking on your door asking for money for a good cause

If you see coronavirus emails or text messages from someone you don’t know, or from an unusual email address, do not click on links or buy anything.

Don’t give money or personal information to someone you don’t know or trust – for example, someone who knocks on the door and offers to help.