Watch: Workers attacked, lorries hit cones, car crashes into hole

Shocking footage of motorists crashing into road works, attacking workers, driving through cone-shaped sections and endangering lives has been released.

Highways England released the video in an effort to get drivers to slow down and be responsible when repairs and upgrades are made to the roads.

The latest data shows that road workers reported about 6,500 incidents in three years where drivers drove through cones and roadworks – an average of 175 per month.

On the occasion of Road Safety Week (November 16-22, 2020), Highways England, the government company responsible for the country’s highways and major roads, released camera images of vehicles entering roadworks that endanger drivers and roadworks.

Road workers are forced to run out of the way, trucks plow through cone-shaped sections, a car drives with the cone stuck underneath and an Opel Corsa ends up in a hole.

Mark Byard, Director of Health and Safety at Highways England said: “We appreciate that drivers become frustrated with road works, but also that they see the need to keep families connected and the country running. Every month we have approximately 175 reports of vehicles driving in road works, putting road users and our road workers at risk. When driving through roadworks, pay close attention and keep everyone safe. “

As part of Road Safety Week, Highways England is asking road users to:

Respect road workers – slow down on road works and obey speed limits and signs.

Remember that just because employees aren’t visible doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

Many operations take place at night, but also applies when visibility is limited by commercial vehicles and equipment.

Road Minister, Baroness Vere, said: “Our road workers are essential to keep the UK’s road network running smoothly and keeping us connected. Careless and reckless driving not only puts them at risk, but other road users as well.

“It goes without saying that you stick to the speed limit during road works, pay attention and respect road workers.

James Haluch, Managing Director at Amey Highways and chairman of the road worker safety group added: “In 2019, we registered 753 vehicles entering our road closures in Amey alone. Even worse, one of our road works vehicles is run every 4 months. Each of these leads to injuries in our people and it is generally the case that the physical injuries heal much faster than the mental health. A brief moment when you can focus can change your life. Please give the road your full attention, especially during road works where there may be a temporary change in the road layout. “