WB Municipal Polls Nabanna To Urge Election Commission To Postpone Election For Two Weeks

Kolkata: The state wants the WB Municipal Polls to be delayed by two weeks. To that end, the state government has filed a petition with the State Election Commission. Sources said that the decision was taken after reviewing all aspects of the Corona situation. Elections were to be held on January 22 in four municipalities of the state, Bidhannagar, Asansol, Chandannagar and Siliguri. That is the decision of the state government. The next decision may be to understand the situation.

Demands for backing the arrears have been rising for several days. The three opposition parties in the state, the BJP, the CPM and the Congress, all demanded the withdrawal of the vote. The matter reaches the court. In the beginning, there was a de facto push between the state and the commission. The state said it had no say in the matter after the release of the schedule. The whole is under the jurisdiction of the commission. The commission, on the other hand, argued that if the state declared a disaster, the vote would be delayed.

During the debate on Friday, the Kolkata High Court handed over the decision to the commission. The court said the commission would decide within 48 hours after considering whether the vote would be postponed for the next four to six weeks. Later that night, the state commission was asked to withdraw the vote.

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Earlier, Trinamool (TMC) general secretary Abhishek Banerjee, however, questioned the closure of all political and religious programs for the next two months. However, Abhishek said it was his “personal opinion”. With this remark of Abhishek, there has been intense tension within the Trinamool for the last two days. Srirampur MP Kalyan Banerjee has publicly criticized Abhishek’s remarks. He alleged that Abhishek’s remarks matched those of the BJP.

In the midst of that conflict, figures released on Friday evening show that 22,745 people have been newly infected with corona in the state in the last 24 hours. 28 corona patients died. In such a situation, there was speculation about the risk of holding a referendum. In the end, the state took steps to end it. Waiting to read the seal of the commission this time.