Web Creator Tim Berners-Lee Has a Plan to Decentralize the Web

In the letter

  • Tim Berners-Lee, CTO of Inrupt, spoke at the Web Summit.
  • Inrupt created Solid, an open source data protection platform.
  • It supposedly provides a way for users to grant access to their data while keeping ownership of it.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web and CTO of Interruptthinks he found a way to decentralize the web. But it has nothing to do with a blockchain, Berners-Lee and CEO John Bruce declared at Web Summit yesterday.

Announced abruptly last month Solid, an open source privacy platform that allows users to store their own data and then grant access to companies and organizations as they see fit, rather than letting social media and advertising companies collect their data and sell it at high profits.

Bruce and Berners-Lee claim this is decentralizing the Internet because it is giving power back to the people who own and produce the data.

“So the default setting is that it is yours,” said Berners-Lee at yesterday’s summit. “You can share it with insurance companies if you want, if that’s part of the business, but you’re in control.”

This has the benefit of allowing companies and organizations to focus on customer care, Bruce said. “Most companies don’t want your data, but they want access to it.”

A health organization like the UK’s National Health Service, which is making an app on Solid, could focus on keeping the UK public fit and healthy.

“And that’s a whole different world where we don’t have to give our data to organizations to serve us. But we can give them access to it and trust them to work for us, ”said Bruce.

So … shouldn’t blockchain and crypto be the decentralized web? Ain’t that what Decrypt everything is about?

Berners-Lee stated, “Blockchain and Solid are different,” he began. “Blockchain is a system in which everyone stores the same data. Everyone has a copy of the blockchain. “This is useful when, for example, you want to” keep a single ledger of all IDs or bank expenses, “he said.

Regarding Solid, he said, “Everyone stores different data. They don’t all draw on the same level. “They, he said, don’t pay to keep the same system going either.

Every organization or individual on Solid has a “pod”. These pods represent data silos that communicate with other pods. Therefore, someone’s pod can give the NHS access to the pod that stores their health data.

Hmm “It’s a bit like blockchain,” admitted Berners-Lee. Attaboy.