Wetherspoon boss says it's a fallacy pubs will reopen on Wednesday

The chairman of pub chain Wetherspoon has accused the government of making “reckless decisions” in its Covid-19 policy.

Tim Martin said it was a “misconception” that pubs reopen on Wednesday when the current lockdown ends.

He accused the government of effectively closing all pubs in England “by stealth”, possibly for the first time in history.

He has written to all MPs that there was a lack of candor from the government.

Mr. Martin said, “A pub license, as opposed to a restaurant license, allows you to sell beer, wine and spirits ‘for consumption on the premises’, without a table meal – and this is now prohibited.

“The reality is that Tier 3 pubs will be physically closed from December 2, and Tier 2 pubs, when they open at all, will be traded as restaurants, not pubs.

“There are only a few level 1 pubs and you can’t even order them at the bar.”

He said the government was making “reckless decisions”, with MPs only occasionally having the opportunity to intervene.

“There is overwhelming scientific evidence that lockdowns and quasi-lockdowns can be counterproductive, as the World Health Organization recently highlighted.

“The government has so far spent about £ 350 billion on lockdowns – about three times the amount spent annually on health care. That spending will continue indefinitely at about £ 6 billion a week.

“I am hopeful that MPs will see that the government is pursuing an economically disastrous policy, with no health benefits.

“Pubs have invested tens of millions of pounds to make them safe, in accordance with regulations set by the government, local authorities and health officials.”

The test and trace results showed that there has been very little transmission of the virus in pubs and restaurants, he added.