When do the polls close in each state? Here’s an election guide.

While we may not know the results for a few days or even weeks after Election Day, the deadline to cast a ballot will be Tuesday evening. Results will start to come in once the polls close — but even within some states, that’s not at the same time.

The first polls close in parts of Indiana and Kentucky at 6 pm ET, but only the parts of those states that lie within the Eastern time zone. Polls in the Central time portions of Indiana and Kentucky close at 7 pm ET, or 6 pm local time. In fact, 13 states are split between two time zones, and polls will close an hour apart in 11 of them.

The first big wave happens at 7 pm ET, when seven states will have all of their polls close, including states with interesting Senate races like Georgia and South Carolina. The next — and biggest — wave will be at 8 pm ET, when more than 20 states will have polls closing in part or all of their territory.

If you are headed to the polls on Tuesday, Vox has a guide to your voting rights. You can check your polling place here.

Some other things to keep in mind: In certain states, you may be entitled to paid time off from work to vote. And if you are in line when the polls close, you should still be able to cast your vote.

Here’s the list of when polls close in every state chronologically:

  • 6 pm ET: Indiana (Eastern time region), Kentucky (E)
  • 7 pm ET: Florida (E), Georgia, Indiana (Central time region), Kentucky (C), South Carolina, Virginia, Vermont
  • 7:30 pm ET: North Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia
  • 8 pm ET: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida (C), Illinois, Kansas (C), Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan (E), Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota (C), Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota (C), Tennessee, Texas (C), Washington, DC
  • 8:30 pm ET: Arkansas
  • 9 pm ET: Arizona, Colorado, Kansas (Mountain time region), Louisiana, Michigan (C), Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota (M), South Dakota (M), Texas (M), Wisconsin, Wyoming
  • 10 pm ET: Idaho (M), Iowa, Montana, Nevada, Oregon (M), Utah
  • 11 pm ET: California, Idaho (P), Oregon (P), Washington
  • Midnight ET: Alaska (Alaska time region), Hawaii
  • 1 am ET: Alaska (Hawaii-Aleutian time region)
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Alphabetical listing

And in case you’re just looking for your state, here’s each state and its poll closing times, in alphabetical order.

Alabama: 8 pm ET (7 pm local)

Alaska: Midnight ET (A), 1 am ET (H); 8 pm local

Arizona: 9 pm ET (7 pm local)

Arkansas: 8:30 pm ET (7:30 pm local)

California: 11 pm ET (8 pm local)

Colorado: 9 pm ET (7 pm local)

Connecticut: 8 pm ET/local

Delaware: 8 pm ET/local

District of Columbia: 8 pm ET/local

Florida: 7 pm ET (E), 8 pm ET (C); 7 pm local

Georgia: 7 pm ET/local

Hawaii: 12 am ET (7 pm local)

Idaho: 10 pm ET (M), 11 pm ET (P); 8 pm local

Illinois: 8 pm ET (7 pm local)

Indiana: 6 pm ET (E), 7 pm ET (C); 6 pm local

Iowa: 10 pm ET (9 pm local)

Kansas: 8 pm ET (C), 9 pm ET (M); 7 pm local

Kentucky: 6 pm ET (E), 7 pm ET (C); 6 pm local

Louisiana: 9 pm ET (8 pm local)

Maine: 8 pm ET/local

Maryland: 8 pm ET/local

Massachusetts: 8 pm/local

Michigan: 8 pm ET (E), 9 pm ET (C); 8 pm local

Minnesota: 9 pm ET (8 pm local)

Mississippi: 8 pm ET (7 pm local)

Missouri: 8 pm ET (7 pm local)

Montana: 10 pm ET (8 pm local)

Nebraska: 9 pm ET (8 pm local for CT, 7 pm local for MT)

Nevada: 10 pm ET (7 pm local)

New Hampshire: 8 pm ET/local

New Jersey: 8 pm ET/local

New Mexico: 9 pm ET (7 pm local)

New York: 9 pm ET/local

North Carolina: 7:30 pm ET/local

North Dakota: 8 pm ET (C), 9 pm ET (M); 7 pm local

Ohio: 7:30 pm ET/local

Oklahoma: 8 pm ET (7 pm local)

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Oregon: 10 pm ET (M), 11 pm ET (P); 8 pm local

Pennsylvania: 8 pm ET/local

Rhode Island: 8 pm ET/local

South Carolina: 7 pm ET/local

South Dakota: 8 pm ET (C), 9 pm ET (M); 7 pm local

Tennessee: 8 pm ET (8 pm local for ET, 7 pm local for CT)

Texas: 8 pm ET (C), 9 pm ET (M); 7 pm local

Utah: 10 pm ET (8 pm local)

Vermont: 7 pm ET/local

Virginia: 7 pm ET/local

Washington: 11 pm ET (8 pm local)

West Virginia: 7:30 pm ET/local

Wisconsin: 9 pm ET (8 pm local)

Wyoming: 9 pm ET (7 pm local)