Who Are The Biggest Bitcoin and Ethereum Influencers?

Community tracking tool Hive.one has updated its algorithm To better reflect the biggest Bitcoin and Ethereum influencers on Twitter, a post said last week.

If you’ve searched for “#bitcoin” or “#ethereum” on Twitter for a while, you may have been blinded by the vastness of social space and the seemingly endless number of self-proclaimed “experts”. But Hive.one aims to solve just that by building and allocating social “clusters” trust Metrics for popular users (who are followed by members of this cluster) to help newbies and veterans better navigate the social space and know who to trust.

Hive.one calculates the influence values ​​based on the total number of “followers” on a Twitter account. This is similar to how the search engine giant Google built its own cluster of words to give users faster, more accurate search results.

“The more influential your new follower is and the less other accounts follow, the greater the increase in your score,” Hive.one explained in a post.

The Hive.one system has now been refined even further. Last week’s algorithm update – the biggest so far – builds on the various shortcomings of the previous versions, e.g. Reduced accuracy and the use of manual intervention, and updates social clusters much faster than before.

The newer version of Hive.one can also quickly add a celebrity talking about Bitcoin and assign them a trust rating. This was not present in the previous version. For example, it took several weeks to join Michael Saylor, CEO of enterprise software company MicroStrategy, who holds wealth in his company and in his personal accounts worth nearly $ 800 – and has become a true Bitcoin shaman.

What accounts consider the pie to be the most trustworthy, followed, and accurate? On the bitcoin side, there’s the founder of bitcoin tech company Blockstream Adam back, Engineer Pieter Wuilleand developers Pierre Rochard (which sparked the SupplyGate controversy earlier this year) as the top three.

Your leading colleagues at Ethereum are protocol writers Vitalik Buterin, Content creator Evan Van Nessand developers Hudson Jameson.

Have some accounts rose the ranks literally. For Bitcoin, the ranking of a pseudonymous profile with the name “Psychedelic beard”Jumped 175 places to 102 (even above the Monero supervisor Ricardo Spagni). On the other hand, lesser known Ethereum developers Paul Hauner (now 61st) and Jacek Sieka | (now 99th) have jumped from their previous placements by 250 and 354 places respectively.

In the meantime, Hive.one suggests not taking the rankings as the last word. “We are NOT telling you who to listen to and who to trust. Instead, we assign different groups and show you who their members are, who they are paying attention to and what information they think is credible, ”warns the company. So it is best to take it with a pinch of salt.