Why New Bitcoin Investors Shouldn’t Be Deterred By The Scarce BTC Supply

Bitcoin recently caught fire with institutions, corporations, and hedge funds in 2020 as a defense strategy to protect wealth against the non-stop money printing machine turned on after Black Thursday.

The store of value and safe haven report primarily focuses on the cryptocurrency’s hard-coded scarce supply of just 21 million BTC. However, a longtime crypto attorney and alum from Fidelity Investments says investors shouldn’t worry about the cost per coin due to a general supply bottleneck and that the remaining units can be re-valued and further divided if necessary because the asset is divisible. Here’s why these types of conversations are the first signs of the evolution of Bitcoin’s new narrative – where it becomes not only a “store of value” but also a “unit of account”.

Don’t let $ 20,000 per BTC price or tight supply put you off. Bitcoin can be “re-rated” in Satoshi

The human brain is hardwired to recognize patterns and remember them find the path of least resistanceReducing life’s challenges along the way and extending life expectancy.

It is precisely for these reasons that assets often trade around rounded numbers like $ 10, 1,000, $ 10,000, and $ 20,000, or repeating numbers like $ 18,888 – a number you’ve probably seen on the price sticker recently.

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As simple as it sounds and it is because it takes just a few finger movements to place the order and how little thought goes into ordering such an order.

Have you ever wondered why Bitcoin was topped up twice just before $ 20,000? This is because it takes smart money a few seconds longer to place orders that have numbers rounded, leaving the lazy private investors behind who didn’t plan properly.

Bitcoin price often trades at rounded or repeating numbers  | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.com

People also like whole numbers rather than a fraction of something, which is exactly why investors turn to altcoins when Bitcoin gets so expensive.

However, Nic Carter, former crypto user and Lockean property rights believer, says that while digital scarcity is a key narrative for Bitcoin, There can never be a shortage of the extremely rare asset. And here’s why.

It is true that only 21 million bitcoin will ever exist. Each BTC is divisible into one hundred million “satoshi” – the smallest unit of measurement of the cryptocurrency, which corresponds to 0.00000001 BTC.

If or when Bitcoin becomes the global reserve currency and currency revolution, or such a scenario in which BTC becomes the primary store of value, each coin can be further “re-valued” one after another or even further decimalized if necessary.

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According to Carter and Bloomberg TV Editor, theoretically only a single BTC could support an entire market if it were broken down enough times Joe Weisenthal.

Before new investors start investing in altcoins like the last crypto bubble, think again before being put off by the fact that you can’t own a whole bitcoin. What tiny percentage of BTC you can buy now could surpass thousands of other coins if it reaches its full potential.

The comments are particularly noteworthy as the store of value narrative gradually fades into the background of the “unit of account” narrative that could transform cryptocurrency from safe haven to global reserve currency over the next decade.

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