Woman accused of 'fatally stabbing pregnant teen before cutting out her baby'

A woman was arrested after allegedly “butchering” a pregnant teenager so that she could remove the baby from her womb.

Authorities in Playa del Carmen, Mexico say the alleged murderer invited the pregnant teenager to her home in the Solidaridad municipality, where she detained her.

She is said to have used a rock to hit the girl in the head before stabbing her and removing the baby from her body.

The woman then took the premature baby to the hospital, claiming the little boy was hers.

He was in critical condition and the doctors were able to stabilize him.

The alarm was raised and the Playa del Carmen police later found the burned remains of the 17-year-old girl – who had been seven months pregnant – in a bag on a sidewalk on May 30.

Quintana Roo’s public prosecutor only called the alleged murderer ‘Juanita’ and did not name the victim.

According to local media reports, Juanita murdered the teenager for being infertile and feared her husband would abandon her if she failed to give the family their first child.

Authorities charged Juanita with murder.

This is because seven people and a dog were killed in a massacre in Alabama, USA, before their house was set on fire in the middle of the night.

The bodies of four men and three women, including two teenagers, were discovered in different parts of the house after police were called in for the nighttime shooting at a property in Morgan County, Alabama.

Mike Swafford of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office said, “It is a horrifying scene and will take some time to process.”

He added: “We have no motive at the moment, we have no determined suspect at the moment.

“This is not happening in Morgan County. We committed a triple murder two weeks ago, and I think this is the first one anyone can remember in twenty plus years, so seven is significant. “


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