Woman arrested after stripping naked and 'trying out sex toy' in adult store

A Florida woman who stripped naked and started “trying out” a sex toy in a Fort Pierce sex shop was arrested and charged with larceny and indecent exposure, according to police records.

Staff called police after the customer took off most of her clothes in the store, leaving her dressed in just a purple shirt.

An employee said the woman went on to remove a sex toy from its packaging and took off her short, leaving her fully nude.

Staff also later told police that the woman had tried on a piece of clothing but the exact nature of this item has not been reported.

The total value of the goods allegedly stolen by the woman totalled $45.98 (about £35)

When officers arrived, a store employee directed them to the stock room where the woman had made herself comfortable in an office chair and was entertaining herself.

The police report states that the suspect: “had in her hand a pink-coloured, penis-shaped sex toy that she was using in a masturbatory manner.”

Woman arrested after stripping naked and 'trying out sex toy' in adult store

As the officer entered the room, the woman stood up and the sex toy fell to the floor.

The woman declined to respond to police questioning.

The officer took the 36-year-old woman from nearby Port Salerno into custody and she has since been jailed on misdemeanour charges of larceny and indecent exposure.

Crimes of this nature are surprisingly common in Florida.

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