Woman brags about having Covid-19 at party as 918 uni students test positive

A woman has filmed herself bragging about her party life while claiming to have tested positive for coronavirus – before more than 900 university students became infected.

The incident was alerted to Texas Tech University’s Office of the Dean of Students and Student Conduct and administrators are investigating the student.

Video circulating on Twitter shows the blonde woman, who appears to be drinking in a backyard, says: “Everyone’s like, ‘Kayleigh, don’t you have COVID? Don’t you literally have COVID?’

“Yes, I have COVID, the whole f***ing world has COVID.

“All of these people have COVID. So stop getting on my tip, stop getting on my tip. Like, I’m having a good time.”

She then turns the camera to show other party-goers drinking and hanging out without social distancing.

The clip was posted along with a note: “What’s happening at Texas Tech. Side note, I do not know this girl but she was brave enough to post this for others to see!

“If you are selfish like this with no regards for others safety, f*** off!”

It is not clear if the woman is a student at the university or if those involved are affiliated.

She also claimed all other people at the party have tested positive for Covid-19

A total of 1,020 people have tested positive at the university as of September 8, with 918 of those students.

The university wrote on Sunday: “We have received a report and are aware of a video related to COVID. The matter is being addressed by the Office of the Dean of Students and Student Conduct.”

In a letter released on September 8, the university’s president Lawrence Schovanec said that Texas Tech had been met with a series of “challenges” since resuming classes two weeks ago.

“The first two weeks of classes have presented its share of challenges. Our plans have been tested, but I am very proud of your resilience and your focus on the well-being of our students,” he said in the release.

“I know that further challenges await us as we continue to work through this pandemic. I am proud of our university community and the way you have supported one another. I deeply appreciate all that you are doing.”

Katherine Wells of the Health Department said she’s seen some house parties, especially the first weekend since the school started.

She suggested to keep gatherings small as one complication the department has had with contact tracing is people who have visited multiple gatherings.