Woman cleans red wine stain on carpet using £2.80 'miracle' product

A woman who was tormented by a red wine stain on her carpet during the closure managed to get rid of it.

The homeowner removed the stubborn red wine stain from her carpet with a miracle cure, she says.

And the best news? The item in question – shared by her on TikTok – costs just £ 2.80.

Move on to Mrs. Hinch – because Katie Grace revealed a bargain product that completely removed a stubborn red wine stain from her carpet – and people are amazed.

Mirror online Katie Grace reports a video demonstrating how the product works on her cleaning-themed TikTok channel, saying, “Everyone needs it! So quick and easy for carpet spills.”

The carpet cleaner that Katie swears by is exactly what we need for those dreaded spills – and it costs less than £ 3 – a bargain.

Woman cleans red wine stain on carpet using £2.80 'miracle' product

In the short video, Katie shows how fanatics clean up how easy it is to remove the spilled red wine from her yellow and gray carpet using Dr. Carpet Cleaner. Beckmann.

Katie simply distributes some of the product in the painful area and uses the built-in brush head to massage it in.

After a little elbow grease she shows that the stain is completely gone and looks curious, spanking new – result!

She wrote, “This stuff is great. Once dry, it’s the same color as the rest of the carpet!”

The carpet cleaner can be found for just £ 2.80 in Wilko and can be used on a variety of other fabrics, such as mattresses, sofas or car upholstery.

The post has since been viewed 35,000 times and has garnered nearly 2,500 likes, with numerous comments from other cleaning fans praising her tip.