Woman furloughed in March wins £242,000 on Euromillions

There was EuroMillions joy for a woman who went on leave in March – now that she’s buying a house after a whopping £ 242k profit.

A warehouse worker who was given leave during the pandemic and later lost her job during the summer has won a whopping £ 242,775.50 at the EuroMillions.

The lucky cardholder can now leave her friend’s family home.

Samantha Morton, 36, moved to Essex during the pandemic to live with her boyfriend Barry Lingard, 26.

She got a new job as a warehouse worker after she was fired and regularly worked overtime.

She said she was “a little numb” after discovering she had won £ 242,775.50 in the EuroMillions drawing on November 27, with an online Lucky Dip entry.

“Barry and I met online towards the end of last year, before the pandemic changed our whole lives, and we spent much of our time over the weekend making the three and a half hour, 170 mile journey. to see each other, ”said Mrs. Morton.

“I got divorced and I was so happy to have met someone lovely again.

“When the pandemic hit I was on leave and both Barry and I really wanted to be closer to each other, so I moved to Essex to live with Barry and his family.

“I was then fired in the summer, but immediately started looking for jobs in Essex and was lucky enough to find one in a local warehouse, where I have worked ever since.

“Essex is where we want to be and this life-changing victory means Barry and I can start looking for a home of our own – it’s going to be great!

“The day I found out I had won, Saturday morning after the Friday night draw, my manager asked me if I wanted to do some overtime.

“I think that’s when the win started to fall, because instead of weighing the extra money against extra hours, I could immediately – and very politely – say ‘No thanks!’ ‘