Woman gifts AK-47 rifle to son-in-law at daughter’s wedding as people cheer

A bride was left dumbfounded when her mother presented her husband with an AK-47 assault rifle at a wedding ceremony.

Video of the bizarre segment was widely shared on social media yesterday (Nov. 25), showing that the groom received the unusual wedding present for the shocked guests.

The wedding reportedly took place in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital, according to local broadcaster News 24 HD.

In the clip, the groom sits next to his bride in the center of the stage where other guests sit nearby.

The bride’s mother then enters the picture and appears to be giving her blessing to the new couple.

Then she signals a friend to bring her gift – a Kalashnikov AK47 rifle – and gives it to her son-in-law.

The bridegroom does not respond and obediently gets up from his chair and takes the gift.

But his wife can be seen in shock with other guests yelling and screeching to a great extent.

The video sparked a discussion on Twitter in which people questioned the country’s marriage culture.

One wrote, “This is something whimsically bizarre. I understand this must have been in the tribal area and it does not represent the general culture of the country.”

But the bride looked uncomfortable when her husband received the gift

Some believed that the bridegroom should receive the gun out of respect.

“He rose to receive it and sat when the lady blessed him,” commented another.

A third argued, “Sorry, they don’t represent Pakistani culture.”

And others found it difficult for the bride.

“The bride seems uncomfortable,” one viewer added.