Woman gives birth, rests for two hours then walks 99 miles with her newborn

A woman rested just two hours after giving birth before walking 99 miles with her newborn.

The mother, whose identity is unknown, walked through India with her husband and four children from the city of Nashik in Maharashtra to Satna in the neighboring state of Madhya Pradesh.

At some point during the journey, she had to stop to give birth.

Four days later, the family arrived at a checkpoint in Madhya Pradesh where they were stopped by official Kavita Kanesh.

He told CNN, “She was resting about an hour and a half to two hours after giving birth.

“The family had no money, no means of transport, no one gave them a lift.”

According to the media, the family was forced to leave Nadish because of the coronavirus blockage.

They ran out of money and no place to stay.

Kanesh said he had made arrangements to have the woman treated for treatment at a medical facility.

Many thousands of Indians left cities during the closure to return to their home village.

The plight of these people, many of whom are the backbone of the workers they have fled, has sparked anger in the country.

Woman gives birth, rests for two hours then walks 99 miles with her newborn

In response to public outcry, the government has pledged to spend £ 378 million on food for the migrants, the BBC reports.

The mothballing of many train and bus services has led to people taking extremely long journeys on foot.

Several died on the trip, including 16 migrants who were run over by a train while sleeping on the track.

According to John Hopkins University, India has recorded over 78,000 cases of coronavirus and 2,551 deaths.


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