Woman gives birth walking down the street – as baby drops onto pavement

A pregnant woman was registered who gave birth to a boy while walking down the street.

The street surveillance camera captured the shocking moment when a newborn baby falls on the sidewalk while the woman walks with a man.

The young mother seems unfazed until she looks back and sees her baby lying on the floor.

The couple stands still while a few spectators walk by to offer help.

Local residents run to the rescue and put the baby in clean towels before calling the emergency services.

At least 10 scooter drivers drove past the mother while waiting for the ambulance.

According to local media Cover News, the new mother, identified only by her last name Chen, was taken to a hospital in Taizhou in Zhejiang Province on May 4.

Ms. Chen told the media, “It’s a boy and his lips were black when I first saw him.

She stopped while waiting for local residents to wrap the baby in clean towels

“Later I lifted his legs and patted his buttocks a few times before I cried out and his lips turned red.

“Then I know he’s all right.”

Obviously, the delivery took her about 10 minutes.

Viewers were stunned at how quickly Mrs. Chen had had a baby.

A mother said, “It took me all night and I was in so much pain. I have never seen a baby come so quickly!”

Another: “The delivery is faster than a normal person going to the toilet. That’s absurd!”

A hospital checkup showed that Ms. Chen and her son were healthy and safe and have been discharged since then, the media reported.