Woman hurls racist slurs and tells jogger to 'go back to Asia' in furious rant

Shocking video has emerged of a California woman hurling racist abuse to another woman in a park because she was working out on a flight of stairs.

The incident took place in Wilson Park in the Torrance area of Los Angeles on Wednesday morning and was recorded by the unnamed victim.

The video, which has since amassed more than five million views online, captures the Asian woman doing stretches by the stairs.

An elderly white woman soon approached to her and starts yelling: “Hey, listen to me. We don’t play games here anymore okay.

“Next time you talk to me like that, you’re going to get your a** kicked by my family. They’re gonna f*** you up!”

The elderly woman walked up to the jogger and told her to "get the f*** out of the word"

The Asian woman asks her: “Why? What did I do?”

The pensioner, who wears a fisherman hat and has her face mask pulled down to her chin, shouts in high pitch: “Because you are an a**hole. Look at, the whole stairs to yourself?

“Why don’t you go somewhere else where you can go to a gym? This is not just for you!”

The woman was set off when the jogger said "Jesus" after being bumped by the stairs

The jogger tries to tell her and points out other stairs in the park but is stopped by the racist.

The white woman continues: “Get the f*** out of this world, get the f*** out of this state.

“Go back to whatever f***ing Asian country you belong.”

The victim calls her a racist and she replies: “F***ing b*****. This is not your place, this is not your home. We do not want you here. Put that on Facebook. I hope you do.

The jogger called the woman a racist and was hurled foul-mouthed abuse for a few minutes

“Because every f***ing person will beat the crap out of you from here on out. Don’t you ever say ‘oh Jesus’ to me when I want to use the stairs you little b****.”

As she walks away, she turns back and shouts: “Who wear black in California sun? Who the f*** wears black? Are you an idiot?

“You wear black in California sun? Seriously?”

Patrick Furey, the Mayor of Torrance, said the authorities are aware of the incident with a police investigation underway.

He said the behaviour seen in the video could not be tolerated and added: “And, all visitors to our open spaces should always feel safe and free to exercise while practising social distancing without conflict.

“Conduct like that displayed on the video cannot be tolerated.

“We strive to deliver essential services to our community with integrity, honesty and respect for all users.”

It is unclear if the police have identified the woman or if any arrests have been made.