Woman locked away for 18 years in home with mum couldn’t walk properly on ‘wasted’ legs – World News

A woman was taken to hospital after locking herself away at home with her mum and sister for nearly two decades.

The 47-year-old spent 18 years within the four walls of the house she shared with her two relatives without ever going outdoors.

Police said her leg muscles were so wasted from a lack of exercise she couldn’t walk properly.

Officers from Malaga’s Homicide Group were handed the task of trying to find the unnamed woman after an uncle reported her missing.

They quickly discovered she had not renewed her ID card for nearly 20 years and found no evidence she had visited a doctor or been to hospital during that time.

Police said the woman’s leg muscles were so wasted from a lack of exercise she couldn’t walk properly
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They got a warrant to enter the property where she was found after her relatives refused to co-operate with the police inquiry.

A National Police spokesman said in a statement: “National Police officers have found a 47-year-old woman who had spent the last 18 years inside her home in Malaga.

“She had been reported missing by an uncle who said he hadn’t seen his niece for nearly two decades.

“In that 18-year period there was no public register of her movements.

“The last renewal of her ID card dated back to 2001 and there was no evidence of medical assistance.

“When the woman was found her leg muscles were wasted because of a lack of physical activity which prevented her from walking normally.

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The woman had not renewed her ID card for nearly 20 years (stock photo)
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“She lived at the property with her elderly mum and a sister of around the same age who went out rarely, got their shopping delivered to them at home, and didn’t have much to do with their neighbours.”

A police spokesman added: “The decision to get a court warrant and access the property was taken out of fear this woman could be at risk.

“All previous attempts to get her mum to let police into the property had failed.”

All three members of the family including the woman who went missing for nearly 20 decades have now agreed to be taken to hospital for a health check.

No information has been released on why the woman who was the focus of the police inquiry decided to imprison herself in her home.