Woman 'poses as love rival online to expose address and offer sex with meth'

A woman posing as her love rival online and posting her address on a dating site next to an open invitation to meth and sex has been arrested.

Vanessa Huckaba, 29, was arrested by the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department on Saturday, November 21, after allegedly setting up a fake dating profile for her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend.

She is said to have created the profile on a website used for short sexual encounters and placed an advertisement with her home address, phone number and invitation for causal sex.

In the post, Huckaba, posing as the new girlfriend, reportedly said there would be “ fresh meth ” at home for everyone who stopped by.

She was then forced to call the police after strangers showed up at the woman’s house, some brandishing nude photos of themselves.

Deputies said the woman had previously been given a restraining order against Huckaba after receiving threatening calls and text messages.

In one post, Huckaba said, “You think lyrics are bad, next is your home and your job.”

Monroe County said the harassment did not stop and arrested Huckaba following the fake profile on charges of cyberstalking and sending intimidating phone calls or text messages.

Monroe County issued an arrest warrant for Huckaba’s arrest and she was eventually jailed on November 21, where she remains.

The affidavit, which claims Huckaba is a bartender in Key West, Florida, said she was arrested on the basis of two felony bills.

Huckaba was arrested on 1 felony count of intimidating communication, phone calls, 1 felony count of stalking, which mentioned cyberstalking.

She is expected to appear in court on December 2 for her arraignment, where she will plead innocent or guilty.