Woman poses for picture with wild bear – ends up running for her life

A tourist’s dangerous attempt to grab a photo with a wild bear at the side of the road almost ended in tragedy, terrifying footage has shown.

The clip was taken by a motorist behind the woman on a road in Romania. She is seen standing just a few feet from the brown bear and turning back to a friend who is taking a picture.

The unnamed woman then faces the predator and even takes a step towards it.

But suddenly, it jumps up and lunges at her to send her running in terror. Those watching gasp in horror as the incident unfolds.

“Can you see how stupid she is?” someone behind the camera asks. “Go into the car. All that risk for a picture with a bear?”

The original video was published on TikTok by Alessandro Bacaoanu but it has since been deleted and it is not clear where exactly in Romania it was filmed.

The Romanian authorities have issued repeated warnings for drivers not to treat bears on the roadside as pets, with Costel Alexe, the Minister of the Environment, recently saying: “The bear is a wild animal protected by law, not a pet.

“I say once again to the citizens of this country: a bear which has tasted biscuits, wafers, and feels that he can get his food in this way, will never be able to adapt to the forest again.”

It comes after a judo fighter was slammed for sparring with a fully-grown brown bear in Russia.

Pro fighter Andrey Sitnikov went to visit the three-year-old animal at his friend’s house and his video was seen more than 170,000 times.

Meanwhile, heart-stopping footage emerged in May of a bear stalking an incredibly brave 12-year-old boy as he walked down a hill.