Woman too terrified to drive after finding huge spider lurking in door handle

A woman who found a huge hairy spider on her car is now too scared to drive it again.

Nicknamed Christine, the spider terrified an unnamed motorist from Armidale, New South Wales, Australia, when she saw it tuck into the door handle of her passenger car.

Post pictures of the spider online on the Facebook page, Australian Spider Identification, the woman wrote, “I thought they were hairy caterpillars at first. I haven’t used my car in a week.”

Snapshots of the huge spider with its long legs spanning the length of the passenger door handle have already generated more than 500 responses online.

Reactions were divided between horror and intrigue at how the beastly arachnid earned the name ‘Christine’.

One person said, “Get out of the car, he’s off the spider now. Put the keys on the ground & GO!”

A concerned member of the page wrote “This has now troubled me tremendously”.

Someone asked: How do you know if the name is Christine? “

Woman too terrified to drive after finding huge spider lurking in door handle

Another jokingly replied, “Just ask for the name.”

“Or look at the nameplate,” said a Facebook user who also saw the funny side.

The guidelines state that the best way to keep spiders away from cars during Australia’s scorching summer months is to avoid parking your car under trees, as they are known to nest in leaves.

It is also recommended that motorists spray their cars with insect repellent to keep them at bay.

The spider is believed to be a large hunter spider, which, despite their confrontational appearance, is not considered dangerous.