Woman's horror after finding deadly venomous snake hiding behind her toaster

A woman was making breakfast when she found an unwanted visitor behind her toaster – a poisonous snake.

The red-bellied black snake is believed to have sneaked into her home in Mount Nebo near Brisbane, Australia, when she accidentally left a door open while running.

The snake stuck its head out from behind the toaster, just inches from the runner with her hand on the counter.

The terrifying find was made public by Brisbane’s North Snake Catchers and Relocation service which posted images of the snake on Facebook.

The snake-catching service warned, “The snakes can bite fatally if handled or harassed.”

Steven Brown, who owns the service, said that although the red-bellied blacks were quite small, they can still be dangerous.

He told the courier post, “It was only about eight inches long, but they can certainly be a problem even as newborns.

“They’re not as good at climbing as tree snakes, but there was a board he must have used to get on the table.”

He added that the warmer weather means more snakes have been sighted due to an increase in food sources.

Woman's horror after finding deadly venomous snake hiding behind her toaster

He said, “The rain previously seems to have encouraged green frogs, one of their favorite foods, but they eat pretty much anything and I wouldn’t say there are more than usual at this time of year.”

Last week, a red-bellied black snake was found slithering through toys in a nursery at Cabbage Tree Point on the Gold Coast.

Woman's horror after finding deadly venomous snake hiding behind her toaster

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Last Sunday, experts were called to the family home to catch the snake.

Red-bellied black snakes are one of the most common snakes on the east coast of Australia.

To date, there are no known deaths related to bites of the red-bellied black snake.

But if provoked, they will attack with their bites and cause pain and can lead to blood clotting, swelling, and local necrosis – or cell death – of the bite area.