World Economic Forum Leader to Headline Ripple’s Annual Crypto Conference

Sheila Warren, head of blockchain and data policy at the World Economic Forum, is set to keynote Ripple Swell Global 2020.

Ripple says she will take part in a Q&A exploring how regulatory policies can boost technological innovation in the blockchain and crypto industry while protecting consumers.

In a first step towards making blockchain safe for consumers, Warren took part in the creation of the “Presidio Principles: Foundational Values for a Decentralized Future” in June. The initiative provides guidelines for transparency, user rights, privacy and governance.

“Blockchain technology, a pillar of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, can not only unlock radical improvements across the public and private sectors, but also enable new business and governance models that help enhance security, accountability, and transparency for people worldwide.

However, innovation that progresses without sufficient consideration for governance and user protection often leads to undesirable outcomes for individuals, companies, and organizations, and society at large.”

Ripple has used its yearly event, which will be virtual this year, to unveil advancements in its XRP remittance platform and highlight its progress in the payments industry.

This year’s conference runs from October 14th through the 15th.

Featured image: Shutterstock/Robsonphoto