'World's hottest doc' branded hypocrite for posing with models without masks on

A medic called the “hottest doctor in the world” has been accused of being a hypocrite after appearing to forget his face mask while partying with bikini-clad women.

Mikhail Varshavski aka Dr. Mike urged the public to wear a mask but failed to socially distance himself from the scantily clad beauties as he celebrated his 31st birthday on a boat.

Dr. Named the “ Sexiest Doctor in the World ” by People magazine in 2015, Mike was photographed among more than 12 partygoers at Sunset Harbor in Miami.

The images also showed he was not wearing his face covering properly while giving a neck message to a maskless brunette, reports the Mirror.

In July, Dr. Mike told Fox Business that wearing a mask reduces the spread of this virus and is “of the utmost importance” to human health and the economy.

He said, ‘So please, if you go out in public and are around other people, wear a mask.

“By wearing a mask, you essentially limit its spread to the community. So if you see someone wearing a mask, you really have to thank them. “

Dr. Mike has a total of 10 million fans on Instagram, Facebook and his own YouTube channel who are unimpressed by his actions.

On his YouTube video ‘Doctor Fact-Checks Media on Coronavirus’, one user commented, “This is well out of date!”.

Another fan posted on Reddit, “I know it’s your life and you can do whatever you want, but you’ve chosen to be a public figure.

And because of that, and your profession, you are held to a higher standard.

'World's hottest doc' branded hypocrite for posing with models without masks on

'World's hottest doc' branded hypocrite for posing with models without masks on

‘You are supposed to be the example. I admired and respected you. Now all of that is lost. ‘

A third person commented, “I feel completely lied to. His supporters gave him a platform to spread his Covid consciousness, I feel he can at least address this blatant hypocrisy to us. “

Dr. Mike rallied an army of fans when an image of him with his husky, Roxy, went viral in 2015.

He has since educated his fans by debunking medical myths, tackling mistakes in popular medical shows, and answering health-related questions.

A spokesperson for Dr. Mike told Inside Edition that the medic had adhered to all coronavirus guidelines and only “took off his mask when he got in and out of the water.”