World's oldest person 'turns 134' – but doubts remain over her true age

A woman allegedly born during the Qing Dynasty is being calling the world’s oldest by Chinese officials as they celebrate her 134th birthday.

Almihan Seyiti, reportedly born 1886 under the rule of Qing (1644 to 1912) emperor Guangxu, was thrown a banquet in the county of Shule, in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in north-western China on June 25.

She is said to have lived in three centuries and experienced two world wars, eventually topping China’s list of oldest living citizens in 2013, aged 127.

However, she became the focus of some international scrutiny and doubt as a result of her unverifiable birth records, despite being issued a Chinese identity card listing her date of birth as June 25 1886.

While Guinness World Records said it had not been invited to independently verify Ms Seyiti’s age, she is accredited by Carrying the Flag World Records – registered in London – as well as Shanghai China Records.

It means she could be 27 years older than Guinness’s oldest living person, Japan’s Kane Tanaka, who turned 117 in January.

According to Chinese state media, Ms Seyiti married aged 17 before her husband passed away in 1976.

World's oldest person 'turns 134' – but doubts remain over her true age

The supercentenarian enjoys singing and playing musical instruments. She is said to be in good health, can still hear and see, but is no longer able to walk.

The unverified nature of the Chinese government’s claim has not stopped Ms Seyiti from enjoying the annual celebrations, as these images from her birthday show.

Her family members said she “loves a crowd”.

World's oldest person 'turns 134' – but doubts remain over her true age

Ms Seyiti’s birth records may never be fully verified due to the unreliable and lacking census data from the Qing Dynasty’s outlying regions, especially for ethnic minorities.

Guinness World Records has France’s Jeanne Louise Calment as the world’s oldest person ever.

Calment died in 1997 at the age of 122, although she was also the subject of scepticism over how old she really was.