Wuhan to test entire 11m population for coroanvirus amid fears of second peak
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Wuhan to test entire 11m population for coroanvirus amid fears of second peak

According to state media, the entire population of Wuhan will be tested for coronavirus after new cases of the disease have emerged.

A notice states that every official must submit plans to conduct tests on all residents of the city, which has 11 million residents.

“Each district must make plans and arrangements to perform nucleic acid tests on the entire population in its jurisdiction within a ten-day period,” the announcement said.

It comes after a cluster of new cases was reported in the crisis-hit city.

Wuhan was the epicenter of the deadly outbreak that killed thousands of people and infected more than 4 million people worldwide.

One of the new cases was the wife of an 89-year-old male patient reported the day before in the first confirmed case in the city in more than a month.

“At present, the task of preventing and combating epidemics in the city is still very arduous,” Wuhan Health Authority said in a statement. “We must resolutely limit the risk of a rebound.”

The new infections sounded with caution amid attempts to reduce coronavirus-related disabilities across China as businesses reboot and individuals return to work.

Authorities in an affected region said it was now in wartime as they struggle to stop the spread of asymptomatic cases and a second peak of the disease.

All recently confirmed cases were previously classified as asymptomatic, people who test positive for the virus and are able to infect others, but who do not show clinical symptoms, such as fever.

The number of asymptomatic cases in China is not known, as they only appear on the health officials’ radar if they appear positive during tests performed as part of contact detection and health checks.

China does not include asymptomatic cases in the total number of confirmed cases, currently 82,918, until they show signs of infection. Mainland China has reported 4,633 deaths.

Hundreds of asymptomatic cases in Wuhan, released on April 8 after months of freezing, are currently being monitored, according to the city’s health authority.

The number of new cases reported in China since April was small compared to the thousands confirmed every February, thanks to a nationwide regime of screening, testing and quarantine.

The government said on Friday that China will gradually reopen cinemas, museums and other recreational locations, although restrictions will apply, including mandatory reservations and a limit on the number.

Shanghai has already reopened some entertainment venues such as discos. Walt Disney Co reopened its Shanghai Disneyland park on Monday for a reduced number of visitors.

New outbreaks in China in the past two months have mainly developed in residential complexes or in hospitals.


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