WWE's Mandy Rose leaves fellow stars stunned as she shows off incredible legs

WWE star Mandy Rose has opened up about her insecurities as she wows followers with incredible legs.

The wrestler posted a photo showing her body and opening up about going to the gym.

Mandy also talked about physical insecurities and how her perception has changed.

The 30-year-old posted the photo on Instagram, writing: “I used to be very insecure about my legs when I was young, until I started lifting heavy weights.

“Now they are my best asset.”

Fellow WWE stars wrote comments below the post to show their support, reports The sun.

Natalie Eva Marie said, “Dizammmmmm.”

Chelsea Green replied, “Yes they are.”

And Dana Brooke wrote, “That’s my princess.”

Billie Kay added, “Goals.”

Lauren said, “Those quads girl! I can see you’re still squatting heavily.”

The post has been loved by 265,598 people so far since it was posted on December 1.

Since then, Mandy has also posted an adorable picture of her with her pup and wished everyone “happy holidays”.

The female wrestler is currently nursing an injury and is not on TV.

She injured her shoulder during Monday Night Raw on November 9 after being hit by Nia Jax, and just a week later she was injured again in the same area by Shayna Baszler.

The TV personality who has 2.7 million followers on Instagram started her fitness competition career in 2013.

WWE's Mandy Rose leaves fellow stars stunned as she shows off incredible legs

She also became the main cast of Total Divas for a season.

She formed a tag team with Dana Brooke, which excited WWE fans.

The competitor consistently posts revealing photos for her fans and often shows off her physique and fitness.