X-ray of dead carpet python hit by car shows it had 12 live eggs inside

A python was run over with 12 live eggs in it – which zookeepers managed to save.

They shared an X-ray of Pitta, a female carpet python who died after the collision in Australia.

The incredible photo shows the dozen eggs in the reptile’s coiled body.

The dead snake was taken to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital in Beerwah, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, after the traffic accident.

Workers quickly rescued the eggs and placed them in an incubator.

The eggs will hatch next year, just before Australia Day on January 26. MailOnline reports.

They will then be released into the wild as soon as they hatch.

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors wrote on their Facebook page: “Pitta, the carpet python, was hit by a car and unfortunately didn’t make it.

“Fortunately, the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital team successfully removed their twelve eggs and placed them in an incubator!

“As soon as these little beauties hatch, we’ll release them into the wild!”

Social media users praised the team for their work in saving the eggs.

X-ray of dead carpet python hit by car shows it had 12 live eggs inside

One wrote, “I’m sorry she didn’t make it, but how unbelievable the eggs were removed!”

Another said, “I’m sorry to hear the mother didn’t make it, but glad to hear you saved her eggs.”

While one reported, “Great work team at Australia Zoo.”

Carpet pythons can grow up to 4 meters long.

Last month, a family in Australia saved their young puppy from a six-foot carpet python that was trying to eat him.

The wolfhound cross, named Wally, was attacked by the snake after it slid into the home in Caloundra West, on the Sunshine Coast, in the middle of the night.