YouTuber unearths 50p coin worth £63k which is leaving experts baffled

A YouTube sensation has unearthed a supposedly collectible 50p coin – worth up to £63,000.

LadBaby, a YouTube star, took to social media to disclose his discover to fans.

The coin, which has fetched north of £60,000 on auction websites, has left the popular social media sensation pretty shocked.

He told his one million Instagram followers he had unearthed it this week – the same week where coin experts were left baffled by its popularity.

Coin experts have been left with their eyebrows raised after the coin, which depicts the Battle of Hastings, sold for £63,000 on eBay.

They are most surprised, they say, because the coin is not even rare.

LadBaby, a dad-of-two from the East Midlands, collects 50p coins – much to his wife Rox’s amusement.

She “always winds” him up because whenever he gets a 50p, he keeps them, the 33-year-old from  Nottinghamshire says.

Nottinghamshire Live reports the 2018 Celebrity Dad of the Year told his followers he’d be willing to sell it on at a discounted rate.

He said: “I’ll take 60 grand for it now, just DM me”.

LadBaby, whose real name is Mark Ian Hoyle, has yet to share whether anyone has made an offer on the coin.

But the graphic designer and lifestyle blogger may not bag quite as hefty a price tag for his coin.

Coin experts were baffled when the 50p exchanged hands for £63,100 as there are believed to be a further 6.7 million in circulation.